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Norwood, MA - LG Ductless

Client: The Maluski Family

House: 3br, 2.5 bath, electric heating, split-ranch

Reported Issue:

We received a call on May 3rd from Mrs. Maluski inquiring about a recent flyer we sent out talking about LG's new ductless systems. She explained that the family hadn't made air conditioning a priority in the past but they wanted a solution moving forward because they have now installed window units in all bedrooms. The family room, slightly under ground level, does keep cooler than the rest of the house so they were not sure if trying to add a central AC system, with new duct work, would be needed.


We scheduled a free estimate at their earliest convenience which was 4 days from the initial call. Field representative Mike G. got a look at the home's floorplan and took a tour of the home. Mike shared brochures and product catalogs on ductless solutions from LG. He then explained how the process would work, where the wiring and pvc would run and where to locate the outdoor unit. An inspection of the breaker box showed a dedicated line could be added without issue. Also explained was the possible need to have patch work done for sheetrock. A proposal was left for the family covering cost for parts and labor.


After a day to evaluate proposals, the Maluski Family called to set a date for installation and within a week installation began. The plan was to locate the outdoor unit on the back left corner of the home with power source coming from the front left corner and running along the wall in the garage. A split ductless system for multiple zones was chosen. One unit would go in the oldest child's room on the second floor, on the front left corner of the house, above the garage. It will be on the same wall as the power lines with it facing the door that leads down the hall. The second unit would go in the second floor living room along the opposite wall so that each unit was facing each other from opposite ends of the home.


We made a follow-up call to see if the Maluski's were satisfied with their new system. They were, "pleasantly surprised how quite and effective" the system is. They opted for a service plan to maintain the system with the added allergan filters.