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Mansfield Energy Audits

Determining Energy Loss Factors

At Dempsey Energy, we offer energy audits for homes and businesses in the area. These audits can help you identify the areas in your place that may be causing a strain in your heating and air conditioning systems and driving your energy bills up. We'll go from the basement to the roof, inspect equipment, and create a report to inform you how your home or business is performing. This detailed report also includes recommendations to help improve your property’s energy efficiency.

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How to Know If You Are Losing Heating or Cooling Energy?

Our energy experts use an energy reader to show where you are losing heating or air conditioning such as around the windows, doors, walls with missing or flawed insulation, and more.

Apart from insulation issues, other factors that can contribute to poor performance include:

  • Outdated equipment
  • Improper ductwork
  • Poor ventilation

What to Do to Save Energy Loss

Once we finish inspecting your home or commercial place, we will provide you with a report and a summary of our findings. With this, there are items we can recommend to save you the most on energy loss like upgrading your heater and AC, insulating your attic, adding ventilation, and more. In addition, many items may be covered by state or federal rebates and/or services provided to get you up to date. And while it may be an investment to make these changes, the final outcome is a more energy-efficient home or business, which will lower your energy bill and may even offer further savings in tax incentives.

The bottom line is, it's never a bad thing to be informed. Whether you have a property that is a hundred years old or brand new, understanding how it performs and where it can improve will change how you use energy.

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