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Natural Gas in Mansfield

Save Your Wallet & the Environment

Are you tired of seeing a large gas bill and wondering how much of an impact you're making on the environment? Dempsey Energy is working in partnership with Viridian to provide customers with green energy or natural gas that costs less than what you're paying now. Whether you are currently using electricity, oil, or propane in your home or business, our licensed technicians can help you make the switch to natural gas. We offer a full range of gas line services including installation, hook-ups, leak detection, and repair.

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Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas

One of the most popular benefits of natural gas is the savings you get in your energy bills. Because gas is a highly efficient fuel, most homes and businesses can save as much as 40% on their energy consumption. Most major appliances that drive up your energy bills such as water heaters, ovens, and dryers, have gas counterparts as well, so switching even just one major appliance to gas can already make a huge difference.

Other benefits of natural gas include:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint by at least 25%
  • No disruption of supply
  • Low maintenance
  • Increases your property value

Schedule a Gas Line Installation in Mansfield

If you are interested in switching to natural gas, start by scheduling a consultation with our licensed gas plumbers. We can further discuss with you the many benefits of natural gas and walk you through our installation process. For homeowners with already existing gas lines, we can also help you with appliance hook-ups to ensure your safety.

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