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Professional Mansfield Furnace Maintenance & Repairs

Quality Mansfield Furnace Repair to Keep You Warm

At Dempsey Energy, our heating system services aren't limited to installations or replacements. Our extensively trained Mansfield furnace maintenance and repair technicians understand the importance of keeping your system working all winter long. You can rely on us to not only show up when you need us but to help prevent future problems.

If your heating system isn't working as it should, you can rely on us to inspect your equipment and determine what solution is appropriate. In the event that regular maintenance is not sufficient to solve the problem, we can provide you with rapid repairs.

To learn more about the dependable Mansfield furnace maintenance and repair services we offer, call our experts at (617) 997-4310.

Reasons Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Many home and business owners skip out on a heating maintenance agreement, believing that it is a waste of money. We want you to understand that while maintenance is not required, it is incredibly important and useful. There are many reasons why having heating maintenance performed is a good idea, including protecting your warranty, energy savings, and having peace of mind. By providing our customers with a preventative maintenance plan, our Mansfield heating services technicians strive to keep your system in working order.

During our Mansfield furnace maintenance services, we may:

  • Clean filters and replace when needed
  • Remove soot, dirt, or corrosion
  • Check all heating pipes and air ducts
  • Examine for problems with the heat exchanger

4 Ways Furnace Maintenance Saves You Money

1. Your unit lasts longer - Furnaces should last anywhere between 15 to 30 years. One of the key factors to how long your furnace lasts is how well it's maintained. If your unit is well maintained, then it should be around for at least 20 years. But if your spending money on a new furnace every 15 years you're paying twice what you should in furnace installation.

2. Fewer repairs - A lot of problems that furnaces run into are preventable with annual maintenance. Our Mansfield furnace repair pros will always be happy to help you, but those service calls add up and most of them are preventable with regular maintenance.

3. A more efficient unit uses less electricity/gas - If you have regular maintenance, then your unit will be operating at maximum capacity, whereas if your unit hasn't been maintained well it will need more inputs to achieve the same output. You won't notice this in your home's temperature, but when you go to pay the monthly bills you'll be stuck wondering what you could have done.

4. Allows you to budget your HVAC needs - In budgeting your HVAC needs, you can know how much you'll be spending whereas an emergency repair can take a toll on any monthly budget.

When You Need Mansfield Furnace Repair

It may be fairly obvious that you need furnace repairs if your heating system has broken down entirely. However, furnaces and other types of heating systems rarely break down entirely without warning signs. If you have noticed that your furnace isn't producing heat, that it's operating noisily, or that the thermostat isn't working properly, it may be time to call for furnace repairs in Mansfield.

Other Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair Include:

  • Strange noises - Furnaces make noise when starting up, but if your unit keeps making noises throughout the cycle then give a call to our Mansfield furnace repair pros and we'll see to it that it works silently.

  • The age of your furnace – The average lifespan of a furnace is 15 years. If you keep the unit well maintained, you might be able to prolong the furnace. However, after 15-20 years, heating systems start slowing down and require constant repairs to help them function properly.
  • Increase in your utility bill – A broken furnace has to work harder to function like normal, causing it to use up more energy. If you see an unexplained spike in your heating bill, a broken furnace might be the reason.
  • Water is pooling around the heating unit – Pools of water around your furnace is never a good thing. The common reason is a clogged condensate line that should be repaired before the unit is further damaged.
  • The furnace blows cold air – If your furnace is blowing cold air rather than warm air, you clearly have an issue. This can be caused by a number of issues, the primary being the pilot light going out. Our Mansfield furnace repair technicians can diagnose the problem and solve it quickly.
  • The thermostat isn’t working – Your thermostat regulates the temperature, alerting your unit when to turn on. If it’s not working, your furnace won’t heat your home or business properly.

Dempsey Energy is a family-owned business dedicated to fair pricing and quality service. You can rely on us to find a solution to your heating problems.

For quality Mansfield furance repair and maintenance services, contact Dempsey Energy today! We offer quality services for affordable prices!

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